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About MyInsure

MyInsure is an Insurance Technology platform designed from the ground up to automate insurance processes and improve service delivery.

Fully Online

The platform is fully avaiable online, all the data and user interaction are fully automated and users can interact with insurance services easily through MyInsure.

Quick and Easy

MyInsure makes it easy for users to transact and interact with their insurance policies, this in turn reduces turn around time for service delivery through MyInsure.

Stylish Design

MyInsure is developed to make it easy to interact with insurance services. It has been developed to make the process of policy acquisition easy and seamless for clients.

KYC Focussed

In order to acquire insurance products users have to provide personal identifiable information. Throught MyInsure, users can safely share and store their personal documents to make it easy to acquire insurance policies.

Easy To Customize

Users can easily cutomise their insurance policies using MyInsure, this will allow them to get what they want and compare with other companies to allow them to get the services that they need.

Free of Charge

MyInsure does not charge a fee to use the platform for users.

How The App Works?


Create an account to become a MyInsure user.


As part of KYC, upload your documents to enable us to know you better and make the process of interacting with our products seamless.


Review products and policies available for purchase within the MyInsure mobile application.


Purchase your insurance policy directly from the application, with integration to Mpesa for seamless in app payment.